Project Background

Each city is required by the State to have a general plan for their community. State guidelines outline specific requirements for these plans, but general plans typically confirm community values, establish guiding principles, determine development policy, and guide long-range city development. Porterville’s current General Plan fulfills these goals and directs Porterville’s growth through 2030.

Porterville is now completing a focused update to bring the General Plan into compliance with more recent state legislation which includes new requirements for the Health & Safety element and the establishment of an Environmental Justice element. As a focused update, this project will not include changes to land uses or overarching general plan vision and goals.

The Health & Safety and Environmental Justice updates are anticipated to be completed in September 2024. The project team expects documents to be available for review in winter, with the first public workshop sometime in February 2024. Check out the Get Involved page to learn more about when documents are available and events are happening!

Related Projects

As a separate effort, Porterville is also updating its Housing element to meet the 6th cycle housing element requirements from the California Department of Housing & Community Development. For more information about the Housing element update, please contact the Planning Division at or 559-782-7460.